When looking at your flooded basement, it may seem like it will be impossible to restore it back to the way before the water damage began. The fact is, however, that we can come out to your home, remove all the water, and get everything fixed and cleaned up so you won’t even know it ever happened. With more than thirty years of experience in this industry we know exactly what it takes to dry out a basement, replace any damaged items, and get things looking just the way you want them.

Many Causes of Water Damage

Water is one of the most difficult things to keep out of a home, and keep it under control when it is in your home. When it rains a lot outside, or the water levels in the surrounding area are rising, it can seem impossible to keep the water from flooding in. Even in good weather, however, pipes can break, bathtubs can overflow, appliances can leak, and many other problems can occur. No matter what causes your flooded basement, we can be there to get all the excess water out of your home, and then repair any of the damage that was done. Over the years we have helped thousands of people from NYC, Manhattan, and the surrounding area, and we would be honored to help you restore your flooded basement too.

Rapid Responses for Flooded Basements

No matter what the cause of your flooded basement, the solution is going to require a rapid response time. If you let the water sit in your basement for any longer than is absolutely necessary, you will find that the damage will get much worse very quickly. Water won’t hurt things like carpeting, furniture, your home’s foundation, or just about anything else if it is only there a very short time. If, however, it rests in the basement for days, you’ll find that the carpet and furniture and other things really can’t be fixed. While we can help with removing them and replacing them, soaking items like this can’t be repaired. If you get us out to your home right away, however, we can almost always remove the water fast enough that your items can be repaired.

With this in mind, we offer 24/7 emergency water damage restoration throughout NYC and Manhattan. Someone from our office is available all the time to answer your call, and we have a thirty minute response time whether you’re calling during normal office hours, or in the middle of the night. This all helps to ensure the water in your basement or other areas of the house does not sit there any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Removing Water

If you have a flooded basement, or there is water damage in any other area of your home or business, please give us a call right away. We can come out to evaluate the situation, make a plan on how to fix the damage, and get to work immediately. We can even bill the costs directly to your insurance company so you don’t have to worry about how you’ll come up with the money for this type of thing. To get in touch with us, please call (212) 389-1921 today.