If your home has gone through a fire or water related disaster, you want to make sure you have the best company around to come out and get things cleaned up and restored. In the NYC and Manhattan area, that means calling Flooded Basement NYC. Our team has been serving people throughout this area for more than thirty years now, and we will continue to work hard on behalf of our customers. No matter how bad the damage, we can get your home or business looking its best again. The following are some of our popular services that are needed when dealing with tragedy in the home.

Removing All Evidence of Fire Damage

If your home catches on fire it is terrifying how quickly it can cause huge amounts of damage. Even if the fire is contained to just one room by the heroic firefighters, you’ll likely find that the damage extends well beyond that area. This is because the smoke from the fire will get into the carpet, furniture, curtains, and other things throughout your home. It can even discolor the paint on your walls and ceilings several rooms away. On top of that, when the firefighters are putting the fire out, they will use water, which can result in flooding throughout your basement. We’ll come out to your home and work on restoring everything to the way it was before the fire.

Eliminating Water Damage in Your Home

If you have water damage in your home either related to a fire, a weather event, a broken pipe, or anything else, we can get it removed right away. Our team of professionals works with the best quality equipment possible to quickly suck out all the water from your basement or other rooms of the house. When done pulling out as much water as possible, we have machinery that will help to suck all the water out of the air and surrounding area so it is completely dry. If the water damages your carpets, drywalls, or anything else, we can also either have it repaired or replaced right away so by the time we leave it is like these issues never happened.

Finding, Eliminating, and Preventing Mold

Water in the house can often lead to the formation and spreading of many types of mold. Some types of mold can be very dangerous to the health of people who breath it in, which is just one reason why it is critical to have it removed right away. We know that mold can form behind walls, under carpets, and in many other areas throughout your home so we will be sure to track it all down and get rid of it. Perhaps more importantly, we will take steps to prevent the mold from coming back again in the future so you can be sure that your home is safe for yourself and your family.

Contact Us Today

If you have had any type of damage or other issues caused by fire, water, or mold, please get in touch with us right away. We are available 24/7/365 to address these issues and get your home or business back to the way it should be. Call us at (212) 389-1921 to learn more about our services or have us come out to your home or business in NYC or Manhattan today.